Boiler 7 Liter Nagamoto Second

Take the New Type Industrial Road and Construct Green

Since it was put into the production, the unit consumption of this production line was decreased by 7 kg standard coal / t of steel and 7.5 tons per ton of steel for new water consumption

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【China Water Conservation Technology Policy

2020-12-31 · Water consumed in the heating power and technology systems used in industrial production is divided into boiler water-supply, vapor, hot water, purified water, softened water, desalinated water and deionized water. Its volume of water consumption takes second place in industrial water consumption, next only to cooling water.

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Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment

77. Production of optical fiber and products: coherent fiber bundle and laser medical optic fiber, super-second generation and third generation microchannel plate, optical fiber surface plate, image inverter and optical glass cone. 78. Standardized refining of ceramic material and production of high-level decorative materials used for ceramics. 79.

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