There’s snow on them there hills but not in Bournemouth

Hi Everyone,

Watching the news last night and seeing all the hardships the snow is creating I know we can tend to think it’s nationwide. So I thought I’d give the heads up on the weather down here in Bournemouth.

This morning at 7:30  taking the Howie and Carla for their walk on the cliff tops did have it’s wind chill but no frost, no sign of snow, in fact it was quite invigorating in a way. Wrapped up warm we were good to go as they say.

So if you’re heading down this way this Easter, as long as you have your warm clothes I’m sure you will enjoy yourselves getting away for a little R & R. Sometimes just taking a brisk walk and taking the time to look around, something we very seldom do, can have the most wondrous effects on both our mind and body ~ a bit like a minnie personal spring clean!  Then reward yourself with a little of what you fancy in the warmth of somewhere like The Commadore or The Ludo Lounge.

I’ve got some news about the Commadore which I’ll post before the weekend but I wanted to say we took my father to the Ludo Lounge for the first time the other evening and had one of the best burgers in a long time. I know not a gourmet meal but was it good or what!

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