Recommendations for Southbourne ~ From The Waterside

Before I do give the recommendations of a couple of places to eat I thought I’d just show you what we can miss if we walk around with our head down because here’s what I noticed over a shop door way in Southbourne High Street
the-faceIt really is quite amazing what is literally just above our heads. Now I’ve seen this I’m on the lookout for more. If anyone has something similar from their time here I’d love to post it here too.

Anyway back to the recommendations:

We’ve had some great feedback for The Cafe Riva Italian Restaurant which opens in the evening. It’s opposite the Commodore and all we’ve heard is great stuff about it and reasonable prices too.

Frieda’s Tearoom was also recommended by couple of our American guests. All home cooking ~ even the bread!!!! It’s just off the Old Christchurch Road in Stafford Street and run my mother and daughter ~ Brilliant

And lastly for now I took my family to Days “eat as much as you wish” Buffet restaurant and for just £7.99 in the day time it’s a bargain. Brilliant food of every description and nationality. Our plate of sushi would have nearly covered the bill before we started on the main courses!!!!!!! Best to call and reserve a table because it can get a little busy. We ask for table 4 in the corner and that’s what we were given ~ that’s what I call service.

More to follow

in the meantime

be healthy and happy


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