couple of gems in April in Bournemouth

January 26, 2013

I’ve found a couple of gems that are coming to light in early April that may be of interest. From people with pointy things, a wonderful singer, Classic car parades to a psychic named Sally, who understand providing there are no unforeseen circumstances,  will be here at the Bournemouth Pavillion on the 24th April. 2nd-14th April Medieval […]

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I Don’t Believe it!

January 21, 2013

The words of  ‘One foot in the grave’ jumped out at me this morning. There I am thinking about the 5 inches of snow in the rest of the country and here it’s all gone. The winds have died down so it’s a nice brisk winters morning and I look over the cliff edge and […]

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Wow it’s really snowing now at The Waterside Bournemouth

January 18, 2013

Wow! Did I get it wrong! A fluttering of snow I said and then whoosh we have a white Bournemouth. As I’m writing now the winds are high and blowing snow in every direction. When I took the dogs for a walk on the cliff tops the view I described yesterday is completely opposite from […]

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Snow in Bournemouth ~ winter’s here!

January 17, 2013

Well we had our first snow flurry yesterday and even a frost on the cliff tops so I guess winter has finally reached Bournemouth. Still we always have a warm welcome at the Commodore for a quick one in the evening with the locals. With Christmas well and truly over it’s now a time of […]

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New Year and New expectations for B&B in Bournemouth

January 7, 2013

New year &  new expectations Happy New Year to all! This year will be our second year at The Waterside and for those who have visited before, hopefully you will see some pleasant changes, as we must continue to change to accommodate people’s expectations. And it’s with this thought in mind I wonder what really […]

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Carla puts on a brave face for Bournemouth

December 12, 2012

Poor Carla has hurt her paw and has to wear a booty to keep it dry. Can you believe we went all over Bournemouth to find a proper boot only to find nothing appropriate. So this quick thinking landlady of the Waterside came up with a cunning plan ~ namely a sock sowed in the […]

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Blessed in Bournemouth ~ The Waterside B&B

December 5, 2012

Between the wind and the rain…….. Walking with Carla on the cliff top just up from the Waterside just before the sun finally set and this was the sight for only 3 minutes and then disappeared Sometimes we really are blessed in Bournemouth and it doesn’t matter what time of the year

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Dates for the Bournemouth Air Show 2013

November 24, 2012

For those of you who know how good the Bournemouth Air Show is make a note in your diary: Thursday 29th August right through to Sunday 1st September. Last year here at The Waterside we were booked out for the whole of the show about 3 months in advance so if you want to ensure […]

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Cafe Riva Bournemouth is getting bigger !

November 21, 2012

Good news – Cafe Riva Bournemouth is looking to extend their cafe and Italian bistro for next summer Many of our B & B guests enjoyed a night at the Italian bistro which has lovely views over the bay. Have not seen the new plans but I am sure they well be great!! For those […]

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What a view from the Waterside Bournemouth

November 14, 2012

Stepping out of The Waterside and walking those few steps towards the sea I never get bored of walking on the cliff tops and seeing the wonderful view we’re so lucky to have so near. 7 miles of unspoilt beaches and a coast line to die for (metaphorically speaking that is!) With all the preparations we […]

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