Southbourne Festival from the waterside (B&B)

June 17, 2013

It’s been a little while since the last post but I couldn’t resist telling about the Southbourne festival running from 20th June until 23rd June and all within walking distance from The Waterside. As you can see there’s a website you can visit ~ if you click just here you can go there. By the […]

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Recommendations for Southbourne ~ From The Waterside

May 21, 2013

Before I do give the recommendations of a couple of places to eat I thought I’d just show you what we can miss if we walk around with our head down because here’s what I noticed over a shop door way in Southbourne High Street It really is quite amazing what is literally just above […]

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Bank Holiday at the Waterside Bournemouth

May 7, 2013

Well Saturday morning came and so did a few spits of rain………..Oh No! A house full of guests at breakfast and I could hear what they were thinking………..”what are we going to do now?” And then the sun came out and it just got better and better. There really is no better place to walk […]

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Comedy in Bournemouth

May 2, 2013

Phew it’s starting to warm up here at the Waterside. Yesterday 19 deg. as I drove around the see front, let’s hope this bank holiday weekend lives up to a proper one…….we deserve it after the dismal ones recently. Anyway I noticed on the web there is a comedy club every week “Bournemouth Comedy Club, […]

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Changes at the Commodore

March 27, 2013

The Commodore is just 200 meters from us here at The Waterside I know many of our guest here at The Waterside have spent many a pleasant time at The Commodore  to have something to eat and drink and take in the lovely view they have there of, I guess, nearly the whole of Bournemouth […]

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There’s snow on them there hills but not in Bournemouth

March 26, 2013

Hi Everyone, Watching the news last night and seeing all the hardships the snow is creating I know we can tend to think it’s nationwide. So I thought I’d give the heads up on the weather down here in Bournemouth. This morning at 7:30  taking the Howie and Carla for their walk on the cliff […]

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Events near the Waterside B&B Bournemouth in May

March 1, 2013

Just a few events happening in and around bournemouth in May 2013 Hopefully the links still work , if not I’m sure a quick Google will do the trick Events for May 2013 Spring   Organ Concert Series 2013 28/2/2013 until 25/6/2013  Michael   Ball 1/5/2013 Nigel   Kennedy Presents: Bach plus Fats Waller- A Senbla […]

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Wonderful things to do in Bournemouth~ The Waterside B&B update

February 27, 2013

What’s on in April Bournemouth is rich and alive with events throughout 2013 – there really is something for everyone. Below is a just selection of some of the events taking place in April. Alfie Boe in Concert – 3rd April Bournemouth Bay Run – 7th April Il Divo & Katherine Jenkins – 7th April Classic Cars […]

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Sharing news at the Waterside, Bournemouth

February 12, 2013

We are beginning to get a small following to these blog posts which is really great and makes us look out for even more things that might entertain or interest from what’s happening in and around Bournemouth. I also know that some of you come to Bournemouth following your particular interests such as tennis competitions, […]

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Easter 2013 4th Annual Big Bournemouth Beer Festival

February 4, 2013

Now here’s something to put in our diaries ~ A Beer Festival! I’m not sure what it’ll be like but if it’s like one or two I can remember it’s a great way to meet new people and enjoy Bournemouth…Oh and there’s Beer, did I mention that? The 2013 Beer Festival is supported by Sunny […]

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