Conspiracy down by the Waterside (B&B guest House Bournemouth).

Yes that’s right there’s a conspiracy going on here at the Waterside guest house.

It started about two weeks ago when two of our guests began to try to leave their room in a way that looked as good as they came in to. Well initially I didn’t think anything of it because they didn’t get it quite right, pillows not quite as we put them and cushions not to be seen. But come the following days the the room was left identical to the way we have it. So now thw challenge was on (and these guests know who they are!) and I had to do something to let them know we had been in to refresh their room. I know i though bring in more cushions, move the towels anything.

I thought this was a one off occasion but the seed had obviously been sown because the following week 3 rooms, 6 guests had begun the same trick and they were getting so close to perfect. It was if they didn’t exist except at breakfast. By now I’m begining to think it was the heat and the sun was getting to me, surely all our guests wouldn’t ┬ástart this game. (If this continues we will be going in the rooms and making them untidy just to let you know we’ve been in.)

Well to test it , this obvious conspiracy, I left the hoover out in the hall, all innocent like – and guess what………………………………? I’m not telling you!!!!!!!


It’s so nice that we have attracted so many nice people to stay with us but I have to go and have a lay down now Sheila said.


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