Bournemouth Storms

Yes we had a bit of wind and an bit of rain!

In fact the noise down Southern Road of the wind in the trees went on all night

So with little sleep I walked down to the cliff tops to see if any damage had been inflicted on us and this is the sight that greeted me……….

A Rainbow with it’s pot of gold right here at the Waterside (well close enough for me!). IMG_0083  As you can see the water was still a little on the rough side but the air as usual clear, clean and refreshing.

What a way to start the day? and for those who can remember how dry and yellow the grass on the cliff tops got look at it now ~ as green as ever. You have just got to sit back and applaud Mother Nature for looking after us.

Also for those of you that follow this Blog I have some great news

I’M A GRANDDAD !!!!!!!!

Pictures to follow of my first Grandson little Noah


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