Bank Holiday at the Waterside Bournemouth

Well Saturday morning came and so did a few spits of rain………..Oh No!

A house full of guests at breakfast and I could hear what they were thinking………..”what are we going to do now?”

And then the sun came out and it just got better and better. There really is no better place to walk than along the cliff tops and just watching. There’s so many different things to see and other peoples joy is infectious. We just had to stop off at the Commodore to reflect…. as you do!

There was a really spooky thing to see, it was if the colder sea air was hitting the warmth of the coast and turned to a ring of mist wherever you looked

misty-BournemouthNot sure if this is clear but if you could imagine a semi-circle of mist going out and in from the beach. From where we were even the piers disappeared! Shame about Carla and Howie (they’re our babies really)

The thing was within about an hour it had all but disappeared….Hmmm. maybe a giant fairy circle ( now I’ve gone on one!)

Any way the bad weather we feared didn’t materialize and I think everyone had a great weekend.

Bring on the next.

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